Having Fun With English By Playing Stepping Stone Vocabulary Game

tanggal 8 september 2015 kemarin kami dari kelas 7 khadijah melakukan pembelajaran outdoor, walau panassss tapi semangat kami jauh lebih panaaass untuk Having Fun With English By Playing Stepping Stone Vocabulary Game ^^

this game is about improving our vocabulary, the way to learn and enrich our vocabulary is not always by doing boring process

we combine this game by using Indonesian traditional game names “Taplak” or “Engklek”. the ways to run this game are :

  1. it is a team-work game, students should be in a group, this time I divided them into 2 gorups ^^
  2. each groups has 10-15 vocab cards on the basket
  3. one of the members have to run to the teachers by stepping on Taplak to find what vocab they have to stick on the wall. psssst…teacher provide each vocab in jumbled so they have to think the correct vocab.
  4. after getting back to their group, they have to find the correct vocab together and stick it on the wall, the faster is the winner and of course all vocab should be correct ^^

these are our documentation, check them out!! ^^

wp_ss_20150921_0011[1]  wp_ss_20150921_0010[1]  wp_ss_20150921_0017[1]

wp_ss_20150921_0008[1]  wp_ss_20150921_0009[1]

wp_ss_20150921_0015[1]  wp_ss_20150921_0016[1]

how?? you can try it at your school ^^

alhamdulillah ukhti-ukhti kami sennnneeeeng banget bahkan minta lagi dan lagi ..

semoga bisa menginsprasi #mengajardenganhati #mendidikdengancinta


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