Don’t be Shy to Speak English! ^^

English, ya an international language should be learnt by us. It doesn’t matter you are fluent or not, the first thing you have to stick in your mind is CONFIDENCE. When we have our self confidence everything is gonna be easy to do. Ya! English needs our confidence.

That’s why I motivate my students at SMP Islam Nazhirah to build their confidence especially for their ability in speaking English. We need much time to learn and learn, to try and try but we never give up although our English speaking still need more improvement.

I talk to them heart by heart that nothing is impossible, Can one of you identify this word mean “IMPOSSIBLE”? Let we separate this word into two parts! it’s gonna be an unpredictable changing IM POSSIBLE ——->> I’M POSSIBLE. The conclusion is everything is always POSSIBLE

Let see our teen muslimah at SMP Islam Nazhirah try their very first debut in speaking English ^^

WP_20150922_14_09_38_Pro[1]  WP_20150922_14_10_17_Pro[1]  WP_20150922_14_10_23_Pro[1]

We can’t lie that we still need a piece of paper hehehe…that doesn’t matter because this is our debut .

WP_20150922_14_12_36_Pro[1]  WP_20150922_14_12_41_Pro[1]  WP_20150922_14_12_49_Pro[1]

and these are our documentation for English speaking practice themed expression in giving instruction, asking and giving for help, asking and giving for information and so on ….

wp_ss_20150923_0015[1]  wp_ss_20150923_0002[1]  wp_ss_20150923_0016[1]

we are so happy together, English is no more scary for us ^^

wp_ss_20150923_0008[1]  wp_ss_20150923_0009[1]

see ya …. ^^


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